Hario V60 Coffee Mill Olive Wood

Hario V60 Coffee Mill Olive Wood

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The Olive Wood Coffee mill grinder allows you to control the coarseness by simple adjustment of a nut. It is also very easy to use and wash.

Olive wood dripper Design

The olive wood V60 dripper has been specifically handcrafted for you to brew coffee in style. The 02 size means that you can easily brew up to 4 cups of coffee, allowing you to enjoy the most popular beverage in the world with friends and family. The bottom of the grinder is also removable which means you can wash it easily and use it with various coffee stands.

SIZE: W167 × D85 × H215mm

CAPACITY: Coffee grounds 30g


Grind adjustment nut : Nylon Spring, Screw, Handle, Locking screw,

Cover: Stainless steel

Outer burr, Inner burr, Hopper cover: Ceramic

Lower O-ring, Cover O-ring, Upper O-ring : Silicone rubber

Hopper, Burr retainer: Polypropylene

Handle grip,

Body : Olive wood

Anti-slip stickers : Urethane