The Philippine Coffee

The Philippines is known to have a rich coffee history and culture. In 1740, a Spanish Franciscan Monk introduced the first coffee tree in Lipa, Batangas. The nearby provinces then followed that led to growth of the coffee industry in our country, making Amadeo, Cavite, the coffee capital of the Philippines.

As most people would know, this area is popular for growing Coffea Liberica, or Kapeng Barako which is loved by many for its strong taste. Fortunately, because of the microclimates and rich soil, The Philippines is now one of the few countries who can produce the four varieties of coffee namely Arabica, Liberica, Excelsa and Robusta. 

Today, coffee plays a big part in the daily routine of every Filipino. A new wave of coffee shop owners, enthusiasts and artisan coffee roasters have emerged that strive to bring unique, quality coffee in our country and all over the world. 

The finest artisanal coffee roasters in the Philippines

The art of coffee roasting

Meet the new wave of artisanal coffee roasters in the Philippines. 

Coffee roasting is a tedious and complex process that goes through several different stages. This then produces numerous aroma compounds that make the flavor of the coffee. Each artisan coffee roaster has their own process and technique that makes their coffee unique and special. This takes years of training and skill to achieve tasteful and competitive beans. 

However, the current local coffee industry is still growing and needs a lot of improvement. Most local roasters would say that directly collaborating with their farmers is the best way to produce flavorful and quality beans. Programs to educate the Filipino farmers and roasters are necessary to share new information, technology, and practices to improve the process of making coffee.

The steady growth of specialty coffee in the country shows great potential and confidence to eventually expand the market internationally and make a mark in the coffee industry globally.

Building a community

This platform goes beyond selling products. The goal is to bring awareness and a sense of community among the coffee lovers and enthusiasts in the Philippines. 

Meet new people, learn more techniques and discover unique coffee selections with the CoffeePHL Facebook Group, coming soon.


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